The bet slip allows for betting on up to twelve (12) matches/events.

Examples Of Multipliers To Choose For Certain Bet Amounts:

  • $50 = 5

  • $100 = 10
  • $500 = 50
  • $1,000 = 100
  • $2,000 = 100 and 2
  • $5,000 = 100 and 5
  • $10,000 = 100 and 10
  • $20,000 = 100 and 20
  • $50,000 = 100 and 50
  • Make your selections using a pencil. Fill in all of the area inside the box or circle in which you are shading.
  • Select the match or event you want to bet on by shading in the three digit match or event code, using all three numbered rows in the code completion area
  • Make your bet selection by shading the appropriate circle or box in the bet type area (e.g. shade the “1” under the “H/T” column for “Home team half-time win”, “X” under the “F/T” column for “Full-time draw”, “U” for Under, “4+” for “4 or more total goals in a match”, “D” for “Double Selection”, “G” for “Goal”, “NG” for “No Goal”, and so on)
  • Make your correct score, team bet or athlete bet selection by shading in your two digit correct score selection, or your three or four digit team bet or athlete bet code selection, using both rows numbered 1 to 5 in the bet type area (For a four digit code, the first two digits can be shaded in the first row, the last two digits in the second row)
  • To select your bet amount, shade the appropriate boxes in the multiplier selection area
  • To make a system bet, shade the appropriate box in the system bet selection area