JustBet is a fixed odds sports betting game that allows fans to bet on the outcome of matches and events in their favourite sports, at various locations across the island.

You can bet on a win, draw, over, under, number of goals or correct score in a match,  league or tournament champion, plus lots more!

JustBet offers the opportunity to bet on the outcome of individual games or matches and also on the outcome of the entire series or tournaments.


In January 2010, Supreme Ventures launched its sports betting product under the brand JustBet, with a network of four point of sale locations.  Today, JustBet is sold at more than 100 point of sale locations islandwide, with more being added to the network constantly.

JustBet offers betting on more than a dozen international sports, and on every major league and tournament.  JustBet offers a variety of betting options that offer persons a wide range of ways to “get in the game” and make money off their passion, sports.

JustBet offers sports bettors the confidence and reliability of the Supreme Ventures brand coupled with the state of the art expertise of Intralot.