What is Fixed Odds Betting?F

Fixed Odds Betting is wagering or betting on odds of an event or activity, with a fixed outcome.  This means the odds/payout aren’t impacted by the number of persons who bet on the event, or win on the event.  In this instance we speak of betting on the outcome of various sporting activities betting on the outcome of a football match: win, lose or draw, or betting on the winner of a tournament, like the FIFA World Cup)

What is JustBet?

A fixed odds betting game that brings the excitement of sports betting to the public, allowing persons to bet at various locations across the island, on the outcome of matches and events in their favourite sports.

What sports does JustBet offer wagering on?

  • Football (soccer)
  • Basketball
  •  Cricket
  • Track and Field
  • American Football
  • Motorsports
  •  Golf
  • Tennis
  •  Baseball
  • Boxing

How do you place a bet with JustBet ?

  1. Visit any JustBet location
  2. Select the matches you want to bet on from the betting programme
  3. Decide how much money you wish to bet
  4. Write your bet selections on the bet slip or notepad
  5. Hand in your bet slip/notepad along with your money to the agent
  6. Collect your bet ticket from the agent
  7. Check the bet ticket to see if your bet is correct before leaving the location
  8. Speak to the JustBet agent for further assistance

Where can JustBet be purchased?

JustBet can be purchased at authorized Supreme Ventures Sports Betting locations islandwide: a combination of Supreme Ventures owned locations, third party agent locations (such as sports bars, lottery shops and other businesses) and Caymanas Off Track Betting (OTB) shops.